Homestead to Squeaky Beach - An exciting adventure for everyone

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

Have you ever wanted to visit the well-known but exclusive Boston island?

I’m sure you have seen the island from Port Lincoln. It’s close enough that you can almost touch it! But, have you ever had the chance to step foot on it, now is your chance!

while exploring the fauna and discovering the history of this unique Island?

Squeaky Beach - Boston Island Port Lincoln
Squeaky Beach - Boston Island Port Lincoln

If you enjoy discovering new walking tracks and attractions this is the best opportunity and suited for the entire family

Walking around Boston island on a guided tour is the best way to discover this hidden gem.

Bring your walking shoes and a sun hat to enjoy this unique chance to explore the wonders of South Australia’s very own Boston island!

During the short trip to Boston Island you will travel over pristine waters, past muscle farms and you may even get a visit from some dolphins along the way! They love swimming next to the boat.

When you arrive you head uphill walking amongst the tall grass to the top where you can see the panoramic views of Port Lincoln and the surrounding islands. Its spectacular!

After we soak up the views, we will make our way to Squeaky Beach. On the walk, you may be able to see some of Boston Island’s wildlife including wallabies, echidnas, and if you’re lucky, a southern stone curlew!

At the legendary Squeaky Beach, we can walk with our feet in the warm water and the sand between our toes. Make sure you bring your bathers and get in the water for a dip.

We will notice that Hooded Plovers and Pied oystercatchers are nesting on the beach

When you walk on the beach bearfoot you will hear why it was named Squeaky Beach

If you listen you can hear the singing of the willie wag tail and the noisy honey eating red wattlebirds as we continue the guided walk back to Homestead Beach.

As you walk around you feel the fresh wind gently blowing through the grass that creates a relaxing sound as you soak in the breath-taking views on Boston Island.

If you enjoy history there is so much to learn from the local guides on the tour, so ask away! They love it

The final stretch of the guided walk takes you around the northern end of Boston Island, and you get the chance to explore the original buildings and the wool shed and it's so interesting. It will take you back in time.

Your senses will be in for a treat when you get to smell and taste the wild, vibrant smelling mint that was planted many years ago.

Before we leave we get another chance to explore the island, sit on the beach and enjoy the surroundings before we head back to Port Lincoln

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